How to read 4-band resistor color code

How to read 4-band resistor color code

How to read 4-band resistor color code

A resistor is a passive electronic component that restricts or limits the flow of electric current through a circuit. The value of a resistor is determined by the color bands on its surface. These color bands represent different digits and multipliers that combine to form the resistance value of the resistor.

There are two types of resistors based on the number of color bands: 4-band resistors and 5-band resistors. In  resistor color code this article, we will discuss how to read the color code of a 4-band resistor.

The 4-band resistor color code consists of four

 colored bands that are printed on the resistor’s body. The first two bands represent the significant digits of the resistor value, the third band represents the multiplier, and the fourth band represents the tolerance.

Here is the color code chart for the 4-band resistor:

Color | Digit Value | Multiplier | Tolerance

Black 0 1 ±20%

Brown 1 10 ±1%

Red 2 100 ±2%

Orange 3 1k ±3%

Yellow 4 10k ±4%

Green 5 100k ±0.5%

Blue 6 1M ±0.25%

Violet 7 10M ±0.1%

Gray 8 — ±0.05%

White 9 — ±10%

Gold — 0.1 ±5%

Silver — 0.01 ±10%

Let’s take an example of a resistor with the color code: Red-Black-Orange-Gold. We can read the resistance value of this resistor using the following steps:

Step 1: Identify the first two bands – Red and Black. According to the color code chart, Red represents the digit 2, and Black represents the digit 0. So, the first two digits of the resistance value are 2 and 0.

Step 2: Identify the third band – Orange. According to the color code chart, Orange represents a multiplier of 1k. So, we need to multiply the first two digits (20) by 1k, which gives us a value of 20,000 ohms or 20 kilo-ohms.

Step 3: Identify the fourth band – Gold. According to the color code chart, Gold represents a tolerance of ±5%. So, the actual value of the resistor could be 5% higher or lower than 20 kilo-ohms.

Therefore, the resistance value of the resistor with the color code Red-Black-Orange-Gold is 20 kilo-ohms with a tolerance of ±5%.

Final words

the 4-band resistor color code is a simple and effective way to identify the value of a resistor. By following the steps mentioned above  Mad PCB  and using the color code chart, you can easily read the resistance value of a 4-band resistor.

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