The iPhone 14 Features, 2022

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The iPhone 14, the most affordable and basic of Apple’s 2022 iPhones starts at $799. As Apple wants to maintain its profit margins, it will not make any major changes to either the design or hardware of the iPhone13. We mean very similar because most of the changes are hidden under the hood and only one new chameleonic colour is left for the exterior.

An Apple iPhone 14 priced at $799-$999 with new main and selfie cameras, satellite connectivity, faster modems, larger battery, and faster modems would be worth an upgrade to an iPhone 13 or an iPhone 12. It’s unlikely, but we can entertain the idea.

iPhone 14 Features


The iPhone 14 is Apple’s cheapest of the four new 2022 iPhones (sorry, there will not be a mini iPhone this year. But the 14 will suffice)

6.7″ iPhone 14 Plus – large 60Hz screen, A15 chip, big battery

6.1″ iPhone 14 Pro – 120Hz display, telephoto camera, A16 chipset

6.7″ iPhone 14 Pro Max – 120Hz screen, triple camera, A16 chip, big battery


Apple will keep the same old iPhone 14 design that it used over the years. The notch is slightly smaller than its predecessor. It will also have a more refined screen bezel, and a higher aspect ratio. Expect nothing but an aluminum frame sandwiched with Ceramic Shield glass on the front and back.

The same buttons and an old Lightning connector don’t allow for fast charging. You’d need to wait until the iPhone 15 is released to upgrade. Two rear cameras, sitting on an “oversized stove top”, are still functional, but at least there is a new color. The iPhone 14 colors feature a new shade-shifting blue hue.




Project (RED).



The iPhone 14 features the same 6.1-inch OLED display at 1170p. Apple will not introduce an Always-on Display mode to the iPhone, which is reserved for Pro models. This feature has been a standard on Android phones for some time, especially Samsung models, but Apple is finally introducing it.


The iPhone 13 is a good all-rounder camera. However, Apple keeps issuing $800 smartphones without telephoto zoom lenses despite the fact that some Android phones at this price point have them. The iPhone 14 camera does not.

The iPhone 14’s main and ultra-wide cameras are derived directly from the iPhone 13 Pro. This means that the iPhone 14 has larger sensors and apertures, letting in more light.

The iPhone 14 introduces the Photonic Engine, which improves performance of all cameras as the light begins to decrease. Low-light photography is improved by up 2x on Ultra Wide cameras, 2x on TrueDepth cameras, and 2.5x on Main camera. However, it’s not clear how these numbers are benchmarked. Photonic Engine uses Deep Fusion to enhance the image process and deliver exceptional detail. It preserves subtle textures, provides better color and retains more information in a photo. Is the iPhone 14 a good choice?


Apart from the front-facing camera and connectivity chippery, the iPhone 14’s biggest hardware upgrade would be the connectivity chippery. This now includes satellite support, Bluetooth 5.3 and a new 5G modem. As the Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 model is not available yet, the iPhone 14 series uses a low-power 5G modem that can deliver up to 10Gbps download speeds. This is in addition to the custom X70.

Apple had to struggle with its 5G modem development, due to Qualcomm’s unrivalled expertise in power draw and band filtering. Qualcomm is said to have received 100% of iPhone 14’s 5G modem orders. They will supply it with a smaller and more efficient cellular connectivity chip, which will increase battery life and allow for more storage space.

The iPhone 14 also comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity standard and support for the Globalstar n53 satellite connectivity band. This is Apple’s partner in the Emergency SOS service.


Apple has placed a 3279 mAh larger battery in the iPhone 14 than the 3227mAh piece in the iPhone 13. This is thanks to a shrinking modem chip and new cooling design.

The iPhone 14’s predecessor has a great battery life. Thanks to the efficient iOS 16 task distributer and the frugal connectivity chips, the iPhone 14’s battery life is no different. Apple claims that it can play local video and streaming video for up to an hour longer, while audio playback takes five hours.

While we couldn’t see a significant difference in the performance of the 2021 and the 2022 iPhones on YouTube video streaming, the browser test revealed more noticeable gains. However, the iPhone 13’s more powerful and energy-intensive graphics subsystem didn’t perform as well when gaming.


iPhone 14 Pro is the only iPhone 14 competitor. This year’s display, camera, performance, and price gap are even greater. The Pro model is definitely worth the extra two Benjamins.

There are many phones that offer better specs than the iPhone 14, starting at $799. For less than $700 you can get a Galaxy S22 deal with a faster 120Hz display and telephoto lens. You might also want to wait for Pixel7 as it will have better camera hardware and a cooler design.

Apple may have locked you in to its prison, but you can keep your iPhone 13 if you’re coming from an iPhone 12 or earlier.


The package virtue of the iPhone 14 is its compact 6.1″ design and fastest mobile processor. To carry the new iOS 16 features, you can use any Apple A15- or A14-powered boat.

If you’re coming from a 5G-deprived iPhone 11 then a switch to iPhone 14 would only be worthwhile. Otherwise, you can find a very good iPhone 14 sale if youre considering an upgrade. Apple has a slightly faster processor and more connectivity options. You also get better low-light performance and autofocus in the selfie snapper.


Front-facing 12MP f/1.9 camera with autofocus

New 12MP ultrawide camera

New main camera with larger 1/1.65″ sensor and 1.9 micron pixels

4K Cinematic Mode at 30fps

With Photonic engine, you can take better low-light photos

TSMC makes a faster, more efficient 6nm Qualcomm 5G modem

Bluetooth 5.3


Satellite connectivity for SOS messages

Penta-core GPU

Blue color new

Battery size larger

HDR gyro, high-g accelerometer and crash detection service

It is much easier and more affordable to repair the iPhone 13 or 14 Pro.

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