What would be the average cost of a limo service in NYC?

People in NYC always in a need to hire a limo service for their occasions. You can travel anywhere in NYC just by hiring a reliable limo service. Make the most of it and hire a limousine.

The cost of a limousine varies according to the event you’re hiring it for. If it’s your wedding day, the cost of a limousine would be different than the cost of party buses. A limousine is not just a car, it’s more than a car with a luxurious environment. Everyone wants to get the VIP treatment on their special day and it can only be done when you hire a limousine. You can hire a limousine according to your budget. Not all of us are billionaires to buy a limousine so the next best option is “to rent/hire a limousine”. There is a stigma that hiring a limousine will cost much more than taking public transportation, which is partially true, but it is well worth every cent. When you hire a limousine for your events, you get much more than just local transportation. Why take any other mode of transportation if a few extra coins can provide you with a pleasant and tranquil environment? The more you increase your hours the higher the cost will be.

Every service has its specialties, which are determined by its costs, brand services, and so on. The cost of a limo service differentiates from company to company when you’re in NYC. There are different kinds of vehicles such as sedans, stretch limousines, etc. but the cost of every luxury car varies and you can buy it according to your budget. The answer to the question “what would be the cost of a limo service “depends on the type of car you want and the number of passengers. For instance, if you hire a traditional stretch limousine it would cost you around $80 to $130/hr. which depends on the model of the vehicle. This article will make you clear about the average cost of a limo service NYC and the factors that influence the limo price.

Factors influencing limo prices

The cost of a limousine in NYC depends on certain factors:

How long do you need a limousine for your event? 

Mostly, the cost of a limousine will be depending upon the model of the vehicle, the number of people, and how long you need for a ride. A limo’s cost is generally based on an hourly rate, however, certain companies would then bring unique pricing structures to accommodate the needs of various clients. If you hire a limousine by hourly rates, make sure to discuss everything about the additional charges before you book your ride. Whether you need a limousine for a wedding event or a birthday party, the average cost for an hour or a whole-day booking starts from $70 to $190/hr.

Timings have a good influence on the cost of a limousine 

The cost of a limousine Service in NYC also depends on what time you book your ride. If you’re going to rent a limousine on weekends such as Saturdays, this will charge you much more than on weekdays. Booking your ride beforehand or on weekdays will make it easy for you to manage everything. If you want to hire a limousine for a night, it would cost you around $400~$500. So, before booking your ride, make sure to check the time whether it’s a weekday or a weekend.

Different limousines cost accordingly 

The cost of a limousine might vary according to its size and its model of it. If you compare a sedan and a stretch limousine, they are almost the same in terms of prices but the sedan can take up to 3 people while the stretch limousine can seat a maximum of 6 people at once.

Cost of a limousine for a night

If you want to know about the cost of a limousine for a night, it will vary according to the factors mentioned above. A limousine for a night would make cost up to $900 as this is the price when you book your ride on weekends. If you prefer to book your ride on weekdays, it would cost around $100 to $120/hr. The cost of a limo service highly depends upon the number of passengers and the points mentioned above.

Cost of a limousine for a wedding

If you want to make your big day more special, hire a limousine as it makes you feel like a celebrity. If you want a sedan for your wedding event, it can accommodate up to 3 people and will charge less than a stretch hummer which would cost around $150/hr. Limo service for a wedding event costs more than casual. Stretch limos and SUVs are the best options according to the event and the cost of it.

Cost of a limousine for a birthday party

If you’re planning to hire a limousine for your birthday event, nothing can beat NYC limo service. If you find some of the prices a bit high, don’t worry as it is worth every penny. The average price of hiring a limousine starts from $80 to $100.

Cost of a limousine for prom nights

This is the night every teenager wants to make it special and if you choose NYC limo service, the chances are higher. The cost for a prom limousine varies according to the number of hours and passengers. For instance, if the number of passengers is 14, it would cost around $80 to $90 per hour but if the number of passengers is 30 to 36, the cost will increase to $100.

If you’re looking for a luxurious limousine, you must find out what type of event you’re looking for a limousine for. A limousine is the only vehicle that will be able to accommodate as many people as it can according to its model and size of it. The cost of a limo service in NYC differentiates according to the number of passengers, model, size of a car, time of booking, etc. Once you’ve figured out the budget, you can find a limo of your choice that meets your requirements.

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