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Hello!, writers, ebulfez.com has just started accepting guest blog posts to the website. The page “Write for Us” is created for those writers who are willing to write for us or want to submit a guest post to our website. ebulfez is a name of a team of expert content writers in every respective field of life. This website is built to bring the latest and updated authentic information on trending topics of the time. We also encourage the contributors to contribute to this new era of information and publish their unique blogs. For more information about us, publishing an article, or any assistance, please contact us by using the contact form or email.

ebulfez is a good place for writers willing to establish their writing portfolio. If you can write professional and informational content, you can submit your guest blog post to us by contacting us as it is our mission to make ebufez.com a place where everyone can share his knowledge and could get knowledge according to his/her requirements.

Categories for Guest Blog Posting:

As it is our mission to make this website a place for good, informational, authentic & trending knowledge-sharing platforms. That means, here you will find a huge list of categories from which you can choose according to your field of interest. further, if you have any specific category idea, please let us know and we will manage it for you. Below are the categories you can write on and submit to us:

  • Write for us+Health
  • Write for us+Digital Marketing
  • Write for us+Affiliate Marketing
  • Write for us+Computer & Tech
  • Write for us+Automobile
  • Write for us+Web Designing
  • Write for us+Outdoor
  • Write for us+Sports
  • Write for us+Survival
  • Write for us+Fashion
  • Write for us+Film & Movies
  • Write for us+Career
  • Write for us+Cyber Security
  • Write for us+Car Finance
  • Write for us+Business & Marketing
  • Write for us+Home Improvement
  • Write for us+Self Improvement
  • Write for us+Pet
  • Write for us+Health and Fitness
  • Write for us+Home Decore
  • Write for us+Technology

Benefits of Writing a Guest Blog Post for Us:

ebulfez has a large number of readers visiting our site on daily basis. We have 50K plus clicks on a monthly basis that are regular readers and love to have more and more authentic and informational stuff from us. If you write for us, these visitors may convert to your blog sites which will expand your readership and spread your message to the masses. Writing for us a guest blog post will not only drive traffic to your website but also create an opportunity to gain do-follow backlinks to your website. If you want search engine ranking of your website, you will surely be knowing the effects & power of do-follow backlinks. Further, you will get a good edition to your writing portfolio. Below is the list of benefits you will have by writing a guest blog post for us:

  • High Back Traffic
  • Increases website domain authority
  • Increased Brand Awareness and Visibility
  • And help in creating connections within the same industry
  • enhancement in writing portfolio.

Guidelines to Follow for Guest Post Blog Submission:

We do not like the copy past, plagiarism, and low-quality content to be published on our website. So, if you are a regular content writer and write unique, well-researched, and plagiarism-free content/articles, we will love to publish them. Below are some guidelines to follow for the interested writer before submitting any guest post blog to our website:

  • Write a brief piece that draws readers in by sharing your knowledge.
  • Your guest blog post should be at least 800 words.
  • Think about writing smaller paragraphs with less passive voice.
  • We appreciate that you invest a couple of minutes of keyword research before creating the article we need.
  • Do the best SEO possible in your writing piece.
  • People are drawn to images in your post, but they hate walls of text. Consider including at minimum one relevant image within your blog article. Make sure your image has been licensed correctly.

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You have gone through the policy, benefits, and guidelines mentioned above and now you are ready with your guest blog post to submit to our website. You can just contact us via the contact us form and submit your article or you can just send an email to


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